One Ten Plus Co,.Ltd.

          One Ten Plus Co., Ltd. was established on January 10, 2023. We obtained the technology transfer of the “IoT Design” platform program developed by researchers from the Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. The program has been further developed into software platform and IoT Edge computing devices for commercial use in the industrial sector (Industrial IoT or IIOT) under the brand named “BeaRiOt”. To overcome the obstacles and limitations of the industrial sector that still organizes production at the Industrial 2.0 level and wants to raise the management level to a higher level, it is necessary to apply the Industrial IoT (IIoT) system correctly and appropriately at a reasonable cost. Our company therefore has a strong commitment to transferring, advising, and setting up the IIOT systems to meet customers’ requirements. This will ultimately affect the economic development of the industrial sector.

          With the features of the BeaRiOt program designed with ease of use in mind for customers, it can store, process, analyze and visualize real-time data and supports industrial measurement standard protocols such as Modbus (Serial and TCP). In addition, it has device management, user management, and alert/alarm notifications and it can operate both on premise and on cloud. From simple setup with no code and creating dashboard with Drag and Drop tools of BeaRiOt program, we introduce the BeaRiOt Edge that is an all-in-one IIoT Edge computing device. The edge has built-in interfaces with both RS485 and USB and can store, process, analyze, and visualize data on web browser without internet (in the case of on premise).  For customers who require cloud service, the solution of BeaRiOt cloud is also available. With these solutions, BeaRiOt can be applied in various applications such as energy management systems, process monitoring systems, telemetry systems, etc., completely covering the needs of the industrial sector.

Our company vision is “To be IIoT solution providers to transform manufactures to INDUSTRIAL 4.0 with cost efficient and business value realization.”  This is to reinforce our important mission to raise the industrial level of small and medium-sized industries (SMEs) to Industry 4.0 with accessible technology at reasonable prices and to be part of the mechanism that will ultimately cause Digital Transformation.

          Currently, our product has been adopted by more than 20 customers and our company has awarded from many institutions including DIPROM x DELTA ANGEL Fund 2023, Thailand ICT Awards (TICTA) 2023, and NRCT-NT grant. This emphasizes the readiness of our products to provide services to the industrial sector. Our company is committed and ready to provide advice and guidance in setting up IIoT systems and related solutions to customers by experts via BeaRiOt software and devices to meet the requirement as much as possible. Our company has a target of sustainable business growth such as applying for ISO29110 software standard to build confidence in the quality of software development.

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